Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scrub suits

My friend Charisse asked me yesterday to accompany here to go for shopping to look for cheap scrubs. She is a nurse by profession for 10 years already and she is one of the department heads. We went to the nearest mall in town that also offers scrub suits. We kept on checking from one store to another looking for the best scrub suit but unfortunately we end up nothing because all the stores that offers scrub suit wont pass based on her standards. I strongly suggest, why not we both go home and look for nursing scrubs online and she answered me, what a brilliant idea!!!. When were already home, I search the net and look for the right site that offers scrubs clothing and perfectly I found a site named Blue Sky scrubs that offers high quality made scrubs pant, nursing uniform, scrub tops,and many more... This is the store we are looking for , they got everything we need and it is like a one stop shop for us. I highly recommend this site to all nurses out there who are looking for high quality made nursing uniforms and scrub suit at a reasonable price. For more information about their good site, just visit the Blue Sky scrubs site at